Playing with Fire

Fishing for trout!

We went camping for the first time as a family this weekend. Fishing, campfires, one big tent, s’mores and deep conversations about life are sometimes exactly what you need to reset, refocus and feel on a deeper level that you are taking the right path in life. We even caught some of the giant meteor shower too!

You can’t see from this picture, but I actually rock climbed up about 6 feet to get to this spot! Almost 21 weeks preggo now!

As summer comes to a close,  we welcome back to school season, changing leaves, snow and all the best holidays of the year (IMO).  I don’t usually think about my birthday already, but with the big 3-0 coming this year in December, I can’t say it hasn’t been on my mind. A lot. Plus, I’m not sure what to plan for it being 9 months preggo when it hits.

So, I’ll just say it, I have been a little reluctant to leave my 20’s behind. I’ve felt I’ve needed more time. I wanted to be at one of the higher ranks of doTERRA by now (not starting over), I wanted to have one of my films in a major film festival by now and I definitely wanted to have the means to retire if I wanted to (but let’s face it–I probably would never ever retire haha).

It’s interesting how when you’re 20 you feel like you have your whole life figured out and then all of the sudden you are almost 30 and wondered how the time went so fast.

Soooo memorizing watching the embers and the crackling fire.

But sitting in front of the fire, watching the embers die down and throwing in more sticks to bring it back up–is truly memorizing. The sticks and wood go through a total transformation. What was once a giant pile of dead sticks is now a tiny pile of nutrient-dense ash. I probably sat in front of that fire for hours, just meditating and thinking. I’ve always been one to need to think and then sort out my thoughts on paper later.

And all this thinking lead my husband and I to play with fire a bit….

Can we burn this huge log? Yes, we can. Will it burn all night? Ummmm….
IMG_7748 (1)
Umm… yes it can. It can burn all night.
Troy’s first ever camping experience!!

I realized at the end of my camping trip that I’m actually happy to be rid of my 20’s soon. People often mention that the teenage years are crazy and mixed up–but I can assure you that teenage years are a breeze compared to the choices that lie ahead in your 20’s. You have college, figuring out what to major in, figuring out what job you want, deciding who to spend the rest of your life with, getting married, starting to have kids & build a family, deciding where in the world to live, buying cars, buying houses, raising kids, choosing a career…. the 20’s are the hardest years of your life because they are the deciding years that set up the rest of your life. And it’s scary! It’s scary to move from action to action, literally making things up as you go along and hoping for the best.

I wasn’t ready to make a lot of those choices, but started making them anyway like we all do. It is kind of like how my husband and I were playing with fire. It’s fun, a little risky, a little scary but at the end, you’re warm, happy and can sit back and enjoy the fruits of all your hard decision making.

For me, what I’ve loved the most about my 20’s was being able to be rid of weight of my past. I had a very difficult childhood and transition into adulthood and being able to find the man who’s now my husband has been the greatest blessing of my life. He’s helped me put all that baggage in the fire and I’ve watched it slowly burn over the years into a small pile of ash–ash that keeps blowing away more and more until I’m sure one day, it will all be completely gone for good. It’s amazing.

He actually slept through the night BOTH nights and went to sleep with no effort from us!

Looking over at my son (who slept like a champ in the tent!) and my ever growing preggo belly, I’m happy. In 10 years time, I’ve accomplished being a mom, started the learning process of owning my own business and started 2 companies too. And just because this isn’t where I thought I’d be when I was 20, I’m glad this is where I am now.

I’ve found that success happens when we are ready to appreciate it. And if it comes too early, it doesn’t last. It’s time to be focusing on being more thankful for the person I am now and the person I am becoming.

When we left our campsite, I was a little sad to go back to the real world (but extremely excited to shower & put on clean clothes!!). It’s such a simple way to live to just wake up in nature, surrounded by fresh air. Decide to either go hiking, fishing or exploring. And then be home before dark to start the fire, make hot chocolate and enjoy dinner together before snuggling up in sleeping bags for the night. It’s good to remember not to let life get too complex and regularly go back to the simple life, especially when times get stressful.

I truly think that almost all stress in life is self-induced. And taking time off, with no cell phone reception for a few days, can be just what the doctor ordered to be reminded of what matters most.

Goodbye campsite, we will be back again soon!

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