Life Purpose

Finding and living your life purpose is the biggest accomplishment we can earn in our brief time here on earth. It’s easy to get sucked in to the everyday habits and patterns that make up our comfort zones. But to actively see routine for what it is and demand something deeper takes courage, a willing to fail, but a determination to never give up.

I love this quote by Jonny Ernster:

“To those searching for purpose:

The search for purpose stems from either holding tightly to or running intently from the environments we grew up in. Our personalities, interests, goals, ambitions, fears, dislikes, preferences – even our choices – are results of the neural pathways formed by our infant influences. Purpose, therefore, is to find some situation which either matches or counters your upbringing.

That is, unless you choose to overcome this duality and do something on your own. This, of course, stems from an idea you came across in the course of your life. But it’s just an idea.

Nothing is right or wrong about these options. It just is.

Purpose can be created from nothing. You don’t need to go look for it.

It’s either in you subconsciously run by the past, or it doesn’t exist in the first place.

You choose. Then you can live your life accordingly, and the world will follow suit.”

-Jonny Ernster

I love this quote because it briefly and accurately sums up the driving force behind our need of purpose.

Growing up, I always knew what I didn’t want. I knew from an extremely young age that I did not want to be poor, and that we were poor. I knew that I didn’t like the constant noise of the television on full blast and the constant arguing from my parents. I knew that I didn’t want to move to a new state every 6 months to a year and that there had to be a better way to grow up than the toxic environment that comprised my entire childhood.

However, knowing everything you don’t want can’t help you attract what you do want. After escaping my family circumstances, I found myself in similar ones. I didn’t want a relationship like my parents- and yet I attracted men into my life that were abusive. I didn’t want money problems and yet I was attracted to situations and opportunities that always left me broke.

It took a lot of soul searching and personal development to realize I had to stop focusing on what I didn’t want and start focusing on what I did want. Our minds, especially our subconscious minds are extremely powerful. And when we make the shift to focus on what we do want, something amazing happens. We start attracting the things we want and need in life.

Mastering our thinking is the first step in discovering our life purpose. I’ve realized that what I thought I wanted to do with my life was based on feelings and emotions. I choose a profession as a child because of what I thought it meant, I thought it would be something that would make my parents proud and I thought I could be great at it too.

But with my mindset still damaged from how I was raised, going into that world really swept me away and I lost sight of who I wanted to be many times. All I wanted was to fit in, and because of that, I had no idea who I was. And to be successful in anything, you have to be grounded and understand who you are, what you want and what you can offer.

As I’ve grown more in tune with myself, I’ve found it gets addicting. I love personal development and self mastery. I know my purpose stems from doing a 180 away from how I was raised. And again, this focuses on what I don’t want instead of what I want. It’s hard to reprogram 25 years of conditioning. But I know it is possible because I’m improving everyday.

Once I figure myself out, I realize I’ve changed. And it’s time to start the process over again. Life purpose for me stems from 6 ingredients I need to thrive. I need:

1-The feeling of accomplishment

2- Recognition

3- Creative outlet

4- Time freedom

5- Financial freedom

6- Make a significant impact in the world

These feelings make me feel amazing and perfectly aligned with what I know I’m meant to feel in the world. I truly believe that feeling these emotions everyday will bring me to my ultimate potential. So, in looking for a life purpose, I sought after positions and opportunities that would bring me all of these ingredients.

I noticed that some of these opportunities, although technically covered everything in my ingredient list, still left me feeling unfulfilled. Through further fine tuning, I discovered that quality is important too. Just like with traditional kitchen ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and organic cane sugar are totally different things. They both get the job done with sweetening, but one will make you sick while the other will help you enjoy your dish without worry. I needed to find an outlet with high quality nutrition in my emotional feeling ingredient list.

Several years later, lots of trial and error, several tens of thousands of dollars lost, I finally found an outlet that served my life purpose: helping others through the rough spots of their lives.

With this idea, combined with my 25 years of tumultuous life experience and a strong drive to overcome myself, helping others do the same came naturally. And was definitely a thesis I could incorporate all of my ingredients into.

In finding your life purpose, what are your life purpose ingredients? What do you need to feel everyday that makes you jump out of bed and ready to conquer the day? I would start with looking at yourself, and understand what you need to feel to reach your highest potential.

Once you know your own ingredients, you can start on the recipe and ultimately know what you need to make to satisfy your personality and the purpose of your soul.