Meet Rachel

SONY DSCMy life has been one huge roller coaster ride of adventure, survival and adaptation.  By the time I was 22, I moved 42 times, lived in 17 different states, attended 13 different public schools and 4 colleges.  I learned at a young age to take chances and risks even if I didn’t know how to pull it off at first because the journey in discovering how to accomplish what I’ve set out to do with my life is amazing and the thrill of success despite hardship feels even better.10612943_586140201486911_2787332808278476755_n

Now, at age 29, my stats have increased to 49 moves throughout 19 different states. I currently live in Colorado and I know I’m finally home. 

I believe in second chances and that laughter really is the best medicine.  I love to try new things where ever I am, whether it be a restaurant, activity, trip, hike, sport and more.  I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, playing piano and guitar and being outdoors.  I constantly dream of my future and work on my dreams and experience them come into reality little by little. 

I am very competitive and enjoy doing things that push my limits.  I’m an prior certified fitness trainer and professional model & actress so I love to work out, practice taekwondo, hike primitive trails, spend time in nature and in front of the camera.

I have been through many trying experiences but utilize my talents, skills, abilities and faith in God & the universe to grow stronger and continue to pursue my dreams.  I’ve learned over the years that once I have myself figured out, I’ve already changed and that life is a discovery process and test to remember that no matter what happens I will always be a daughter of God and need to act and represent accordingly.

I am so blessed to be able to work from home as a holistic entrepreneur with Thrive & founder of Glowing Through Motherhood & Holistic Life International– places where people of all walks of life can get the tools they need to help their bodies heal themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I also started a real estate investing company with my husband, Moneta Nova Investments, LLC, where we buy houses for cash from people in need and help flip them to either other investors or those needing a new, updated, pretty home.

This year also marks the beginning of my life-long dream of starting my own film production company, TR Films. At TR, we specialize in producing short and feature films that are based on true stories. True stories are the most inspirational movies you can experience and I’m excited to dedicate myself to this art and as connect as many people as I can to ideas and stories so that they can see themselves and live better lives. Because it is only when you can see yourself that you are inspired to change for the better.

I absolutely love the entrepreneurial lifestyle. It is the most rewarding line of work in the world. I also spend a good chunk of my time coaching others on how they can break into the entrepreneurial world, find themselves in life and achieve balance between what matters most. 

I am married to my soul mate and the love of my life and we have an adorable two year old son and have another baby on the way, set to join us around Christmas of this year. IMG_4616e