Motivational Speaking

“We are one decision away from changing our lives.”


Rachel exudes resilience in the face of hardship and shares a message that motivates audiences to see set-backs as launching points to a more purposeful life.


Rachel has been a presenter in the health and wellness industry for 3 years and has recently expanded her message to include personal life experiences that radiate a powerful message of resilience and adaptation–not just survival.

Moving 42 times and living in 17 different states by the time she was 22, Rachel uses her stories of loss, poverty, abuse and struggles to stay alive as tools to help others overcome the rough spots in their lives, to see learning in every situation and how to break self-sabotaging cycles to achieve success in love, career and finances. Her authenticity and no-nonsense approach easily connects with audiences and inspires massive change for the better.

As the author of the upcoming book, “Raised in a U-Haul: Success is Found When You’re Finding Yourself,” Rachel appeals to teenagers, mothers, military, actors, models,  entrepreneurs and everyone who has had to find inner strength to make tough choices and make the shift for a more positive life.

“If you ask yourself empowering questions, your life will be empowered.”

She believes that the choices we need to make come from questions and in her presentations she speaks from the heart to dig deep and lead the audience down the path of true healing.

Speaking fee ranges: $1,500-$5,500

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Rachel interviewed on Filmed in Utah on acting, modeling and progression

Group of teens Rachel spoke to about positive body image during the Sundance Film Festival