Network Marketing

I used to be extremely skeptical about network marketing. I joined the first company that tried to recruit me and after 3.5 years of struggle and almost needing to declare bankruptcy (because of how expensive it was to run and how low my paychecks were), we finally had to close down our business to part-time sharing status. I never once made a single penny of profits and my mentor sessions often made me want to quit altogether.

However, I had done too much research. I KNEW network marketing was the way of the future and I also KNEW that it worked too. So why wasn’t it working for me?

I did research for the first time. I actually took the time to look at other companies comp plans, interviewed top earners, toured millionaires homes, asked tons of questions, attended several meetings and “test drove” several companies to see if I liked them and if they made sense.

A YEAR WENT BY.  A solid year and I had my eyes set on 2 companies. I wasn’t sure which one to join. I knew I had to pick one. Because no one is successful with divided focus. But I just couldn’t get myself to commit. I felt uneasy. So, I waited.

I was also pregnant at the time, and wanted to wait until after I had my baby to make my final choice. One company’s start-up costs were $20,000 and about $300-$600 a month to run, and the other was almost $500 to join and $425 a month to run. HUGE financial commitments! And after having a baby, both were no longer realistic.

After a few months went by, one of my friends posted about a new business called Thrive. She told me it was FREE to join and FREE to do the business and you could easily earn your products for FREE with 2 referrals AND you could make $1,200 in your first 14 days. And that uneasy feeling was GONE. I knew I had finally found my company. But I was still a little skeptical because of how bad I was burned before.

So, she challenged me to “just try” the business for 2 weeks. And if I didn’t earn a “comma” paycheck and get my products for free, I could quit, no questions asked. So, of course I took her up on this opportunity. Because it truly was a TRUE opportunity.

My first day, I earned my products for free and sure enough after 2 weeks I earned my first “comma” paycheck. Which felt incredible. In 3.5 years at my prior company, I was lucky to make $250 a month. And here in my first 2 weeks, I earned $1,250, plus $200 in free products.

Because of this, my faith in network marketing was completely restored. AND it lit a strong fire in me that burns brighter every day. NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH WHAT I WENT THROUGH! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO ALMOST GO BANKRUPT MAKING THEIR UPLINE RICH!

If my story is your story, we have to talk. Or if you’ve never tried network marketing before and you want to “test drive” the business to see if it is for you, we also need to talk!

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