Organic Eating

Going organic was probably the best decision of my life. Well, next to marrying my husband, of course.

I didn’t start on this journey right away though. I read my first book about the benefits of organic eating when I was 19 year old. But didn’t change my eating habits until I was 26 years old.

Growing up, I always battled and struggled with my weight. I experimented with different sports, workout videos, diet pills and eventually fell into the trap of eating disorders trying to find my ideal body.

I still remember this to the day, that when I hit about age 15, I started gaining significant weight without changing anything about my habits. I had always been heavier than average, but now for the first time, I was overweight.

Looking back on the timeline of American food, this was the exact same time GMO’s were introduced to the mainstream market–and no one said anything. There were no labels and no warnings.

After years of research, I finally decided to change my diet. I’m the kind of person that needs a LOT of convincing before I decide to change. Especially something as crucial as eating habits. The catalyst that put me over the edge to change was getting pregnant with my first child. It was at this time I fully realized that if there was ever a time to commit to a healthier lifestyle, it was now.

I didn’t do anything cold turkey. I simply started reading labels and ingredient lists and decided to cut out one bad ingredient at a time. I started with high fructose corn syrup. Since this artificial ingredient has mercury in it, I thought it the best one to start with while pregnant. I would shop and read labels and even ask restaurant servers when eating out and I would NOT eat anything with this ingredient in it. It got to the point that I would bring my own organic ketchup bottle with me to restaurants so I could enjoy my french fries in peace.

After that became ingrained in my habits, I added bleach. I would not eat anything with bleach in it. So no bleached flour, no bleached bread, noodles, etc. Bleach is definitely a great choice to avoid while pregnant and really in everyday life too!

It was at this point nearly all my headaches vanished. I used to get regular headaches, but amazingly, after just eliminating these 2 ingredients, I was headache free.

I later added the ingredient list “enriched”. Anything enriched means that all the original nutrition was stripped out, leaving it basically void and not good for you. So the company had to add back in artificial vitamins and minerals to make it worth eating. However, your body can’t absorb artificial nutrition–making that food totally pointless to eat. After a few weeks of no longer eating enriched foods, I noticed my metabolism getting better. I had more energy and the stubborn fat areas on my body started to relax and disappear.

To make a long story short, I gradually added ingredient by ingredient until I had a totally and 100% organic diet. This entire process took me about 6 months to complete. And I have kept it up ever since!

Now, living an organic lifestyle for almost 4 years, I feel like I have my life back. I can eat basically anything I want in moderation and never worry about weight gain like I used to growing up. I used to be the kind of person that would gain weight and retain water after eating a candy bar or bagel. But now, that never happens and I know it is because I am fueling my body with the best that nature intended.

I am working to complete and finish my Go Organic! programs where anyone can also achieve an organic lifestyle on ANY budget. When I first started this journey, we had a food budget of about $50 a week and we were still able to eat organic. After our college days were over and we started our careers, we increased that to more. But as our time as business owners ebbed and flowed, we have been able to stick to our eating habits on every budget. So, I KNOW that ANYONE can go organic on ANY budget because I have been there.

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