Real Estate Investing

In the fall of 2015, my husband and I started a real estate investing company, Moneta Nova Investments, LLC, where we buy houses for cash and help flip them to either other investors or those needing a new, updated, pretty home.

Growing up, I’ve always been interested in real estate. Moving all over the country, my parents often bought homes and with our constant need to move, I soon became an expert in how to fix them up and sell at a young age.

When times were tough (which they always were), my dad would take me out for a drive to luxury neighborhoods and we would drive by some of the nicest homes in the United States. He’d look out the window with wonder on what it would be like to have a lifestyle to support such houses. A seed was definitely planted to one day have a lifestyle where I could afford a luxury home. Little did we both know that real estate investing is the answer.

For success in real estate investing, it is crucial to get properly trained. We learned this the hard way by first signing up with a training program that instead of giving us the support we needed, they took our money and only called us to up-sell us more expensive programs!!!

It wasn’t until several months later we discovered the Renatus system. Even though we just invested tens of thousands in our old program, we found a way to invest again into this system and network because of it’s honesty and support. We needed more help in getting our feet off the ground than the binder full of CD’s we got from our first training. And Renatus was there to guide us and virtually hold our hands as we began our investing journey.

We highly recommend and support this real estate training service. For more information, check out their website here:

And if you’d like to join our team of investors (we are a nationwide team), click the button below to join us at our next meeting and learn what it is all about.